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22nd of March, 2010
London (UK) announces new student visa rules !!!

New Student Visa Rules for TIER-4 were unveiled today, drastically aimed at cutting the number of foreign students, which London term as bogus & an abuse of student visa. Targeting colleges with a poor record OR abusing the student visa system to bring in bogus students, strict measures were introduced.

House of Commons were told, “"This package will stop the bogus students studying meaningless courses at fake colleges,"

A big question was left unanswered,” ultimately who is awarding “A” category under TIER-4 to these colleges,”

Home Secretary Theresa May said the clampdown involved new procedures to vet colleges from April next year, a higher requirement for students to speak English and tighter restrictions on their ability to work while they are here.

But May said the new reforms "will protect our world-class institutions. It will stop the abuse that became all too common under (the former government led by) Labour. And it will restore some sanity to our student visa system".

The measure is expected to cut the numbers from 25 %, i.e. some 70,000 to 80,000 of the total non European students. About 300,000 student visas were issued in 2009, May said, adding that a government review had revealed "widespread abuse". Targeting spouse visa to be reduced up to 10,000., from current some 31,000

In one of the big developments, now immigration will be authorized to deport the students at the port of entry if he/she is unable to communicate in English fluently. But no where is this clear if students having valid good score of English qualifying exams too will be facing the axe of deportation?

Of course, this will benefit top ranking & reputed universities who were left with almost no students in the wake of mushrooming small colleges, some as big as one room & some more than three housed in one building.

Still the big question left unanswered, what is the fault of a poor student who paid lacs, fulfilled the conditions of British immigration for Student visas, & still being deported from the airport !!!

The right to work during term time will also be removed from all students except those at university or at publicly funded colleges.

And the option available to non-EU students to stay for two years to find work after graduation will be taken away from April next year, with only those offered a skilled job paying more than £20,000 being able to stay.

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